Teeth whitening or dental bleaching is the procedure of brightening the shade of your teeth with a bleaching agent. Teeth whitening is most commonly desired when teeth become heavily yellowed over time and can be done by altering the colour of your tooth’s surface. Heavily yellow teeth tend to look off-white, which can negatively affect a person’s self-image and self-confidence. However, teeth whitening can also do wonders for people who are constantly teeth-shining their pearly whites. Here is how you can bleach your teeth easily at home without going to the dentist.

Teeth Whitening AdelaideIn helping to alleviate the yellowing of teeth, it is best to do this whitening procedure at Teeth Whitening Adelaide at least two weeks before you plan on going to the dentist. If you plan to head to the dentist, this can help minimize the amount of money you will have to spend. Some treatments may require only one visit, while other treatments may need to be performed two weeks apart. The intensity of light required to brighten the teeth depends largely on the shades that are being lightened.

The first step to teeth whitening involves removing all of the food from your diet and getting into a regular sleeping schedule. A dentist may also prescribe some medicines for you to take as they help reduce the sensitivity of the teeth during this procedure. The next step would be to place the teeth whitening trays on the teeth and gums. The trays will contain a chemical that will bleach the teeth in just a few minutes. The dentist may also instruct you to use cotton swabs to remove any particles that were not bleach-able. Most of these trays will be covered in paper strips or other materials to protect the teeth from being stained.

Another method involves the use of tooth whitening gel. The gel will be applied to the tooth using cotton swabs or toothpaste. The dentist will also change the colour of the tooth enamel daily to prevent stains from appearing on the enamel. It is done by applying the gel to the tooth once every two days. This process will take just three to four months to complete depending on the amount of tooth enamel that has been damaged.

One of the most popular home-based tooth whitening regimens involves following the instructions of your dental practitioner in Teeth Whitening Adelaide. You may be instructed to consume more fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water. However, you will also need to follow the specific instructions of your dental office so that your teeth can remain whiter for as long as possible.

Whether you follow a dental work at home program or a dental office-recommended whiten your teeth at home routine, you must practise safety practices while whitening your teeth. Be sure that you can use proper toothpaste, teeth whitening gels and rinse tools. If you whiten too frequently, you may risk seriously damaging your teeth. Follow all directions exactly as they are given to you. It is especially important if you have any underlying medical conditions or medications.