Want to make your synthetic grass longer? Continue reading below to discover some useful tips on how to maintain your artificial turf:


For Mild Stains


No matter how careful we are on our artificial lawn, there will always be instances where stains will become inevitable. You might be hosting a barbecue party with your friends, with the sauce dripping all over the place. You may have too much beer with your buddies that some of them got spilled on your grass. If you have pets at home, they may leave their waste on your precious artificial lawn grass. Fortunately, these mild stains can be solved with only a few things. Here’s what you need to do:


  • Act fast and clean up the spill or stain quickly to ensure that it won’t leave a long-lasting stain on your grass.
  • Blot any spilled liquid with a towel or any dry absorbent.
  • Rinse the area with a mixture of mild house detergent and warm water. Don’t worry; it will not harm your fake grass.
  • Once the stain is removed, rinse your grass thoroughly with clean, cold water.


For Tough Stains


Now that you know how to remove mild stains let’s move to the next stage – stubborn stains. Substances like grease, motor oil, suntan oil, ink, and crayons can end up on your synthetic grass. These stains don’t respond to mild household detergents. Instead, you should try using mineral spirits to remove the stain. The cleaning process is similar to that of slight stains. The only difference is you’ll be using mineral spirits instead of mild detergent.


For Sticky Substances


Now let’s proceed to the severe stains – sticky substances. Chewing gum, tree sap, and hardened jelly are some of the examples of stains that fall under this category. Once you leave these stains alone, they will damage your synthetic turf. However, they are relatively easy to remove. All you need is dry ice, also known as aerosol refrigerants. It will freeze the sticky substances to make them easier to remove. Once the stain is frozen, you can then scrape it off easily.


Removing Pet Waste



Finally, we have pet waste. It can look daunting, but removing pet waste is similar to removing the sticky substances. Here are the things you should do:


  • Allow the solid waste to dry before you remove it.
  • For urine spots, douse the area in cold water to drain most of the liquid.