Sports physiotherapists are specialized doctors who specialize in helping athletes with physical problems caused by physical activity. Physiotherapists may be trained to deal with an athlete’s injuries during training or during sports events. The specific kind of treatments and care that a sports physiotherapist provides depends on what kind of injuries the athlete suffers. Sports physio in Adelaide treats athletes of all kinds of ages and physical abilities, providing both specialized care and general health care for athletes.

Sports Physio in Adelaide Sports Physio in AdelaideSports physio in Adelaide is different from other traditional physiotherapy in that the treatment is primarily focused on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of sports-related injuries as a result of physical activity. This is a highly specialized field that requires an athlete to undergo specialized training as well as medical examinations. This specialized training includes physical examinations that examine the athlete’s body system and identify the source of the injury.

During a comprehensive physical examination, a physician will look for signs that indicate a severe injury. A doctor may require the athlete to sit still while an x-ray is taken to determine the exact nature of the injury and how it occurred. A specialist will use the x-ray to determine whether or not the injury was caused by a blow to the head, impact to the skull, or a bone break. Another diagnostic method that can help detect the exact cause of the injury involves the placement of a specially-designed metal probe on the shoulder.

Once the doctor uses this diagnostic method, he or she will then determine the type of injury. The treatment plan may include surgery, physical therapy, rest, medication, or a combination of those two. Depending on how severe the injury is, the doctor may suggest a series of different types of treatment. One type of treatment that may be recommended is massage, which is often performed by an acupuncturist.

Treatment that may be recommended by a Sports physio in Adelaide varies depending on the severity of the injury and the condition of the injured muscle. For instance, if an athlete suffers a minor ankle sprain, chiropractors may recommend rest and ice to help relieve the pain and encourage healing.

In many cases, a specialist’s care may also include the use of an exercise regimen and specialized equipment. As well, in some cases, the patient may also be placed on a special diet that aids recovery from the injury, which may involve a strict exercise program.