Putting in an extension or addition to the house is a great way to add some indispensable square meters to your family’s living space. There are several considerations before, during and after the construction. However, one of the factors that do not often get discussed in the construction of a home addition is the air conditioning of the new space.



Since retrofitting ducts to connect to the current ducting system of the home is not too practical in terms of cost, stand-alone systems will be the way to go. One of the most efficient solutions would be to install a Mannix split system.


Mini-split systems are sometimes referred to as split systems or split-duct systems. They equip homeowners with a cost-effective way to better control the temperature in some areas of the home or to heat and cool more. The mini-split system comes equipped with its own thermostat. You save by merely turning off the A/C in the room that is not being used.


Though a mini-split system can be costly to install, in time, the system will save you a great deal of money. A heat pump split system is more energy-efficient than a conventional furnace and air conditioner system.


Not only are these systems perfect for home additions, but they are also ideal for attached garages, insulated garages, sunrooms, and more. One advantage of mini-split systems is that it does not have ducts. This is an excellent advantage in that it eliminates the energy consumption associated with the network of ducts of centralised air conditioning systems. The ducts can represent up to 30% of energy consumption.


Many homeowners may be concerned about the attractiveness of the system and be reminded of these units in the window. The very last thing they want in their new space is a chunk of an eyesore! Fortunately, the mini-split systems have a depth of about 7 inches and can be installed in different ways. Indoor air treatment units can be hung on the wall or ceiling. For a more homogenous appearance, mini-split systems can be mounted flush with the ceiling. Additionally, a Mannix split system come with a remote control to facilitate activation and deactivation when installed in a hard to reach location.


It is essential to seek professional help when choosing the right mini-split system for your space. Oversized systems can lead to inefficiency. Thus, a professional must assess the placement and install the unit correctly to determine its most appropriate location.