Solar panels are one of the many technologies that are defining the homes of the future. People who purchase them do so because they believe they will save money on their energy bills in the long term, but solar panels do not come cheap. To invest in an efficient solar power system, you will need an enormous initial cost, which is an expensive addition to your house. Like all other purchases in your home, it is necessary to know about the solar panels Adelaide warranty to ensure that you are making a smart investment.

Solar Panels Adelaide

Solar Panels Adelaide

There are many elements of a solar panel system warranty. The first one is the minimum warranted power, which states the number of Watts that the system can generate. Most consumers may think they are getting a high power solar panel only to get a fraction of the promised power output during real-life use.

It is difficult to quantify how much power the solar panel is generating in the first few weeks. Thus, you need to be clear with the dealer what the minimum warranted power output is and the range of discrepancies and the cause of such discrepancies.

Another important feature that may or may not be included in the warranty is solar panel efficiency. It is a unique selling point for solar panels. However, it is essential to note that the efficiency of a solar panel is useless if it has a low minimum warranted power.

Many solar manufacturers offer warranties that state that their panel’s real energy rating will not be less than a specific amount, as stated in the box. So, for example, if they are selling a 200 Watt solar panel, check that negative tolerance rating to know their real wattage – a 10% negative tolerance rating for a 200 Watt solar panel shouldn’t be lower than 180 Watts. Always make sure that you are purchasing a panel that has a small negative tolerance rating to be sure of excellent performance in real life.

Solar panel dealers can sell you all the features of a panel. There can be enticing words like efficiency, PPC rating, or performance in weather. However, the only panel warranty that they can guarantee is the minimum warranted power. In fact, you need to get the products’ specification sheet and check it out yourself. These solar panels Adelaide will cost you thousands of dollars, and so it is essential to know what you are getting when you purchase one. Just note all the details in the warrant before making up your mind, and you will get a good deal.