When it comes to marketing on Facebook, many people overreact and exaggerate their strategies a bit too much. They’re paying too much attention to the numbers, thinking that it factors all of their social media schemes. But contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a lot of monitoring to increase your follower count and improve engagement. The only thing you’ll need is to enhance the appearance of your Facebook page, and people will come to notice your brand. While billions of people are actively using Facebook, you won’t be able to attract anyone if you fail to optimize your page. Follow these simple social media Facebook marketing strategies and dominate the competition:


Add an Iconic Profile Picture

The profile picture of your Facebook page shouldn’t be just a random picture of your company or logo. Keep in mind that your profile picture is a visual representation of your entire brand. It’s what will make people recognize that it’s your official page. It’s also the image that gives the first impression on people about you and your page. Imagery is a significant factor in your social media Facebook marketing strategy. That’s why you should treat it like the headline of an article. Make it as compelling and eye-catching as possible.


Add a Killer Cover Photo

Aside from your profile photo, the cover photo is the second image that people will see the moment they enter your page. Unlike your profile picture, your cover photo is bigger – takes about 30 per cent of your page, and there’s a purpose for that. It’s the space where you add in your “wow” factors that will get your visitors hooked. It catches their attention and will make them want to know more about what you have to offer. So, back to the content metaphor, if your profile photo is the headline of your article, then treat your cover photo as your first paragraph. It’s where the good stuff is found and the factors that will draw people to know more about your brand. Just like your profile photo, your cover image should be attractive. It should visually represent your business and what it’s all about. Never waste your cover photo by choosing a random picture of your brand. It has to tell a story, a compelling image about you and your company. Use every bit of that 820×312 pixel limit.


Make the most of your social media Facebook marketing campaign by incorporating these simple yet impactful strategies. Click here to know more.