Occupational therapy (OT) is a modality of healthcare science that employs psychological and physical therapists’ services in helping people deal with disabilities and improve their lives. Occupational therapy (OT) is the clinical use of therapeutic interventions to develop, restore, or enhance the functional activities, functions, or occupational tasks of patients, families, groups, or the community. In the OT field, occupational therapists provide a range of services, such as occupational assessment, occupational planning and scheduling, occupational therapy clinical skills, occupational therapy located in Adelaide implementation, and therapeutic exercise. It is also an allied health professional specialty practised by certified occupational therapists and occupational therapy aides.

Occupational Therapy located in AdelaideOccupational Therapy located in AdelaideOT provides various assistance to people suffering from a physical limitation, injury, aging, or other health condition. OT is involved in the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of physical therapists, chiropractors, athletic trainers, and physicians. OT is not an approved practice within the healthcare industry but is commonly referred to as a clinical physical therapy. This is because most healthcare providers acknowledge the benefits of OT and use it when appropriate.

Occupational therapy (OT) uses many tools to help people with motor skills or sensory processing difficulties. Some examples include physical therapy, occupational therapy located in Adelaide, and sensory-motor skill therapy. It also involves using more natural treatments, such as music therapy, food allergy therapy, and massage therapy. Occupational therapy also provides support through education and counselling and work advice for parents and families.

Occupational therapy helps people with sensory processing disorders and movement problems. Some examples of therapies that may be offered include sensory integration therapy, sensory integration/physical therapy, and cranial therapy. OT may also refer patients to psychiatrists or psychologists for more specialized counselling and treatment.

As previously mentioned, occupational therapy located in Adelaide is often referred to either by healthcare providers or mental health professionals as PT. In general, occupational therapists are trained in several areas of healthcare. These include geriatric care, physical therapy, occupational medicine, and pediatric care. The courses they complete typically have communication, human relations, organizational skills, social and psychological skills, and ethics. The course work typically progresses from the introductory level to the certification stage.

Physical therapy is a branch of occupational therapy that focuses on correcting physical limitations. Many physical therapists are also occupational therapists, although a substantial distance usually separates the two professions. Physical therapists usually assist patients with strength and stability issues, while occupational therapists design rehabilitation programs for patients with musculoskeletal system disorders, specifically the spine and pelvis. Oftentimes, PT is considered a bridge between PT and OT, as occupational therapists usually begin their careers as physical therapists.