Net wrap, one of the many parts of netting, is an adhesive tape that bonds a mesh net to support. The adhesive will allow the mesh to slip over support like a skid. The mesh is attached at various areas along the circumference of the net. The mesh or net itself is known as the “wrap.”

Hay production can increase with net wrap. This increase in production means more hay is being delivered to the farmer for harvesting. The mesh will provide a barrier against birds, raccoons, mice and other animals.

Net-WrapMany crops can be grown from the grain produced from the netting. Heifers, lambs, bulls and calves can be milked from the hay produced from net wraps.

Net-Wrap is used for a variety of applications. They can be used as a closure for a shed, barn, chicken house, farm tractor or anything that needs to be closed and protected. Nets can also be used to secure hay bales. The bales are placed in the area of the net, and the smaller net is pulled across the top of the bales.

Cover posts can be secured to a structure by covering the posts with net fabric. There are also uses for Net Wrap on a ridge top where shade cloth can be used.

Net wraps are made in a variety of fabrics that are in many different colours. Net wrap, just like any other fabric, will dry out with time and allow some wrinkles to form.

Fibres are included in the net fabric to fill clothing. The net wrap has many uses on farms as well as in homes.

Covering post can be covered by a net with a woven mesh, and the net is pulled across the top of the cover post. It is a quick and easy method to close structures such as sheds and barns.

Skirting covers are covered with the net for protection against pests and animals. Net wrap is used for both temporary and permanent coverings.

Net can be used to cover a gate when vehicles need to be able to drive through the gate quickly. It can also be used to cover a bike rack. Also, the net can be used for temporary fencing to prevent animals from entering the barn.

There are many uses for the net fabric on the outside of a greenhouse. The net can cover nursery, greenhouse and vegetable gardens for better ventilation.

It is wise to be prepared for both winter and comprehensive range because the unexpected can happen. Net-Wrap is a beautiful way to keep animals away from crops. It is also an effective method of keeping birds away from a crop. Net can be used year-round for protecting things such as a birdhouse, vegetable plants, seedbed, farm tractor and many other items.