What is a Moisture Meter? Moisture meters, also known as moisture reference scales, are handheld devices used to measure the water percentage that are in objects. A moisture meter can be used for a variety of different objects. So, it can be a table, a wooden log, a wall, the air we breathe, and many more. Essentially an Instrument Choice moisture meter can measure the moisture levels of everything around you. The finding retrieved from the reading can then be used to determine if the measured objects are ready to use or if it needs any further inspection.


Why You Need Moisture Meters

We want to explain this by presenting you with an example of a plumber and a wood factory:


  • The wood factory has a large amount of timber coming in every month. However, the trees are coming from the forest – a place where it’s often very moist, especially when it’s been raining. The wood tends to absorb the rainwater, storing and trapping it inside. Processing wood is very difficult when it still has a lot of water content. That means the wood will need some time to dry. A wood that didn’t get enough time to dry will tend to bend and get curves. Therefore, it’s essential to determine if the wood has dried enough and is ready for processing. However, to determine that you will have to know the amount of water that’s left in the wood. To measure this, an Instrument Choice moisture meter is used. That way, the factory can determine the perfect time for their wood to be processed.


  • The plumber is another excellent example. This type of professional gets called when a household is having leaks and pipe problems. However, if the homeowner is unsure about the origin of the leak, the plumber will have to find it himself. He will do this through a series of inspections around the house. He can do this by walking around and monitoring the walls. Maybe some walls have wet spots. While this can be an effective method, most of the time, plumbers use moisture meters to make the process quicker. The more results he gets from the moisture meter, the closer he will get to pinpoint the origin of the problem.


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