Fujitsu Split System air conditioner is the perfect cooling solution for your house or commercial space. This air conditioning unit is equipped with a two-stage cooling system that gives the unit an edge over other similar cooling systems in the market today. It has been designed for both energy efficiency as well as for environmental friendliness. This unit is equipped with a remote control that allows you to change the cool settings on your air conditioning unit in no time at all. This makes it an excellent choice to cool or warm up your space.

The Fujitsu Inverter ASTG34KMTB air conditioner is perfect for cooling a large room the size of an average large lounge room without using any cooling fans or a cooling tower. The new ASTG34KMTB utilizes the latest indoor air quality and inverter technologies. The lifestyle series is also the most energy-efficient indoor air conditioner that Fujitsu has ever designed. And now they also come with WIFI so you can run your system from wherever you are, even if there’s no WIFI signal.

The Fujitsu Split System air conditioner comes equipped with two ducted systems designs that are either wall-mounted or floor standing. With the wall-mounted design, the conditioner is mounted on a refrigeration unit that requires refrigeration professionals to install. The installation of this system is quite complicated, so it is best to hire a reputable air conditioning professional to do it for you.

fujitsu-split-system-air-conditionerToday’s air cooling systems are very complex and incorporate many of the same components as a regular central heating and air conditioning unit. There are two compressors inside the Fujitsu air conditioning system: the compressor is located in the attic, and the condenser is located on the first floor of the building. The compressor works by taking warm air outside the home and compressing it to a cooler temperature before sending it out to the condenser. The condenser then changes the temperature of the indoor air before it is released into the home. The two parts of the compressor and condenser are separated by a cooling fan that draws air from the outdoors and brings it indoors. All of these components are housed within a plain exterior box.

The Fujitsu Split System air conditioner allows you to operate the indoor and outdoor units in reverse. The outdoor unit is cooled on the hottest days and reheated during the coolest nights. To operate the indoor unit, you flip a switch and start the reverse cycle. Cool air will be pulled through the vents on top of the unit, and the exterior box will become heated so that it can provide extra warmth for your family.

Fujitsu’s split air conditioning system comes with three years of warranty and comes with the compressor, condenser, and evaporator with the package. If you need to add additional equipment to the system, it is easy since everything is connected with interconnecting wiring. Like any other residential air conditioning unit, the Fujitsu system’s indoor unit has three settings: Cool, Warm, and Auto. The cool setting is designed for older homes and buildings that don’t have high ceilings or other obstacles that limit air flow.