Why consider classical party hire? There are several advantages associated with this type of event planning. If you’re looking for an elegant and classy way to celebrate your next special occasion, then you should consider booking a classical party. It’s easy to come up with ideas that people will remember for a long time. You can plan the event to incorporate any number of elements. Use these tips to help you plan an elegant celebration that your guests will never forget.

How many people do you want to hire for the occasion? You can choose to hire just for the adults or choose to hire a children’s choir or group. What kind of entertainment do you want? Classical music is always the right choice. No matter what type of music you hire for your classical party hire, you want to ensure that it fits the personality of the people you hire to entertain.

How formal should the attire be? The dancers’ clothing should be in keeping with the type of music they will be performing. For example, if you hire opera singers, you’ll need to ensure that their attire is charming. Besides, the music they play should have a formal tone to it. You can hire a wide range of performers, from professional actors to stagehands to musicians to jugglers.

How formal do you want the invitations to be? Most classical party hire Adelaide events are often relatively formal. You should make sure that the invitations you send out show this. You may find that you need to send one to each guest in advance to confirm your schedule. It’s also advisable to get the guests who’ve confirmed their attendance printed out. This gives you ample time to decide.

What are your dietary needs? Most people who hire entertainment for this type of event are not keen on spicy food, which means that vegetarian options are less popular than they once were. If you cannot eat meat, you may need to look at caterers who offer vegetarian menus. You should also ensure that you are clear on whether your host is prepared to serve non-alcoholic beverages.

Is the music planned to be classical or contemporary? The nature of your music will determine whether you hire local, regional, or even international talents. You’ll also have to decide if you want a classical party, a modern party, or something in between. If you hire an orchestra to perform, you must be sure that they’re experienced enough to give you the kind of music you envision.

classical party hire AdelaideWho should be in charge of decorating? If you hire live entertainers, you must be confident who will be responsible for arranging the seating, lighting, and other aspects of the setting up. This can quickly be done by employing an event planner, as many of them are skilled at setting up parties. This person should coordinate with you and your entertainment choices to ensure that people feel comfortable and enjoy themselves.

Once you know what type of classical party hire Adelaide, you’re going to need for your special event, and it’s time to make your decisions about hiring the right people. Do you want an all-star orchestra or a small string quartet? Do you want to live entertainment, or do you want background music?


Once you decide on these elements, you can contact an event hire company in your area to book the musicians or the other professionals you need for the event. It might take some time, but your experience as a party host will make the entire process go much more smoothly.