All products in the aeg battery charger series are shipped internationally without additional charges. How much does international shipping cost for an aeg battery charger? Delivering items from overseas are usually free, but your package may be subject to local taxes, tariffs or other levies, depending on the laws of the country you reside in. Charges will also be applied for delivery to international addresses from your address, including any import duties. Visit to buy today.

aeg battery chargerYou may save money by ordering your batteries in bulk from an online store. While you might save money buying batteries in large quantities, you must also account for the cost of shipping and handling. Furthermore, if you need batteries quickly, you may not want to wait for days or weeks for your battery charge controller to arrive. If you’re willing to consider these additional charges, some batteries are even available on websites that offer free shipping.

One of the most common sizes of battery packs is the AA size. Many AEGs used in Airsoft guns utilize the AA size. Other brands of Airsoft batteries are more extensive, such as the Large County Airsoft Battery (LCC) batteries which are commonly used for C4 type guns. The size of the battery determines the size of the AEG charge controller. Visit to buy today.

Most Airsoft gun owners know there are three different types of AEG charge controllers: the vertical, horizontal and inclined breakaway system. Each has its advantages. Vertical systems are more reliable and efficient. Inverted breakaway systems are faster but have less range than the former.

There are many advantages to choosing a particular AEG battery charger controller. It is essential to consider what type of battery you will be using with your system before making a decision. Selecting a system that does not suit your AEG is not only going to waste money, but it is also going to affect how well your airsoft gun works and how long you can use it for. A suitable AEG battery charger controller will work with most types of AEGs no matter how big or small they may be. Visit to buy today.

A typical AEG battery charge controller comes with the necessary wiring, and AEG battery, charging stands and a battery monitor. It would help if you also got a charger that can handle the size of your AEG battery as some are designed to handle the weight of several. A suitable AEG battery charge controller should be able to provide accurate measurements of the charge time and current of your battery. Also, make sure that your AEG charge controller can handle high-powered AEGs that have a high FPS.