Buying a new washing machine may not be on your list of priorities for the moment, but you will eventually realise that it is like all other devices and equipment at home in which it will show signs of deterioration due to old age and other factors.

In this post, we’ll talk about the signs that tell you it is about time to invest in modern and new Adelaide Appliance Gallery Washing Machines.

Sign 1 – It is noisy.

Adelaide Appliance Gallery Washing MachinesThere’s no denying that a noisy washing machine drives you crazy. But one thing you must realise that it is a sign that it needs replacement. Nonetheless, the issue may also be because the appliance isn’t positioned on a level surface. If you notice that the machine rocks back and forth when you press on one of the corners, it isn’t level.

Fortunately, modern washing machines come with adjustable levels on the feet. You must locate the short corner and then turn the level until the machine no longer rocks.

Meanwhile, another cause for a noisy machine is the presence of worn belts or pulleys, which are relatively simple and straightforward to fix. It could be something more severe, like that of a problem in the clutch or transmission. The bottom line is that several things could cause noise. You must call a professional to inspect your washing machine and let him figure out if it makes sense to fix it or if you’re better off buying a new one.

Sign 2 – You need something more efficient.

Another reason for you to consider buying a new Adelaide Appliance Gallery Washing Machines is that you feel like your old one is no longer as efficient as before. You should know that modern washing machines can regulate the amount of dispensed water to the size of a load of laundry. It means that if you run a small load, it will use less water, too. Unfortunately, your old washing machine does not benefit from this feature. Hence, it will use the same volume of water, regardless of the size of the load.

Sign 3 – There’s a leak.

When you observe that there’s water leaking to the floor when you do your laundry, it is indicative of a problem with your washing machine. Some leaks are indeed fixable, but they’re also are those that are irreversible. The most common cause of a leak is a broken hose, but it could also come from other components of the washing machine.

There are instances when the broken part is expensive to replace. If your washing machine is more than five years old and is leaking, then you may want to contemplate on buying a new one instead.